Booed GOP Rep. Dave Trott Says Town Hall a 'Good Use of Time, We'll Do It Again'

Rep. Dave Trott, R-Mich., appeared on Fox News Monday to address his recent town hall, where attendees booed him after voicing his support for increased military funding, saying he would “absolutely” do it again.

“Well, we started talking about the president’s decision to call for more money for the military and they didn’t support that and we disagreed. It was good for me to hear their opinions but it was clearly not a popular answer.”

Trott, a former lawyer who owns several businesses, entered Congress after defeating Rep. Kerry Bentivolio in a 2014 primary challenge, and Democrat Anil Kumar in his recent re-election.

At his most recent town hall on Saturday, Trott said: “I support more funding for the military…” before halting due to the volume of the crowd’s boos, according to Fox News. 

“I think several hundred people in that room don’t support the military. I think it’s important, they deserve it. We voted for a 2.1 percent pay raise for the military, it’s well deserved, and I think if you look at our standing in the world today and what’s happened over the past 8 years it’s more important than ever we have a military that can function.

“Half the planes in the Navy can’t fly. The Air Force tells us we are least prepared we have ever been in our history. It’s important we support our military and support the men and women that are in harm’s way.”

When asked how he will continue to represent constituents who disagree with him, Trott said, “it’s important I hear their opinion but it’s not going to change my support for the military.”

The congressman added that he brought up the Affordable Care Act, and the Republican replacement plan.

“At one point I was very surprised, I talked about the need for more competition, and competition usually makes things better, and they booed that. I don’t know if it was a bunch of Bernie Sanders socialists in the room but we disagreed on that as well.”

Despite having “not a whole lot” to agree on, Trott insisted that his “first town halls were very productive as far as we had a better exchange of ideas than we did on Saturday morning. Again, it was a good use of time and we’ll do it again.”

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