How We Know Justice Will Not Prevail Regarding Hillary

No need to wait any longer to learn whether this is still the great country it once was, or whether corruption has fundamentally transformed it to the point where rule of law no longer apply to prominent members of the party in charge. It appears we have the answer:

John [Sexton] wrote yesterday about how Barack Obama has been working behind the scenes to move large dollar Democratic donors away from Bernie Sanders and towards Hillary Clinton. This, combined with various attacks from his bully pulpit on Donald Trump, have led to the correct conclusion that Obama will wind up being one of the most active presidents in modern history in terms of the election of his successor. This was a point made this week by Juliet Eilperin at the Washington Post.

Now consider this:

[W]hy would President Obama tell his party to unite around a candidate at serious risk of criminal indictment — when all signs from the FBI would indicate a very good chance, if not a certainty, that indictment will be recommended based on the investigation? Of course, he would only do such a thing if he knew — was determined — that, no matter what, the chosen candidate would not be charged.

Hillary Clinton herself has appeared to think she’s untouchable — even declaring with certainty that she will not be indicted. “Oh, for goodness, it’s not going to happen. I’m not even answering that question,” Clinton said recently in Miami.

Perhaps Obama and Clinton know something the rest of America hasn’t yet been let in on?

Sure they do; they know that the fix is in, and Shrillary will not be prosecuted for her crimes — as with her sinister sidekick Huma Abedin:

It’s true that we’ve previously speculated that Huma might be the undoing of Clinton once all of her records are examined, but she also serves as an example of just how far the Obama administration is willing to go to block any damage to Clinton’s historic candidacy. When the Inspectors General turned over an embezzlement case against Abedin for prosecution, the Justice Department promptly dropped it in the circular file as an act of prosecutorial discretion and that was the end of it.

Maybe this is wrong. Maybe justice will prevail even at the Justice Department. Maybe Hillary will be given a fair trial and if found guilty thrown into a federal prison the same as you or I would be for the same offenses. Then again, maybe the next time she stretches open her mouth to screech, winged pigs will fly out playing “Hail to the Chief” on harmonicas.

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Only if America still respects itself.

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