Trump Had Big Meeting With Ireland’s PM, But What He Wore Is Blowing Minds

Trump Had Big Meeting With Ireland's PM, But What He Wore Is Blowing MindsTrump Had Big Meeting With Ireland's PM, But What He Wore Is Blowing Minds

Pictured: Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny, President Donald Trump; photo credit: Getty Images

The two world leaders discussed important issues that will shape national security and economic policy for both countries. Incredibly, it was the bizarre Oval Office fashion that is blowing everyone’s mind!

The “Friends of Ireland Luncheon” took place on Capitol Hill on Thursday, and President Trump met with Ireland’s Prime Minister Enda Kenny prior to the meal. Irish immigration, Brexit, and other significant topics were on the agenda, though Kenny, along with Vice President Mike Pence, and a few others, made a wardrobe choice that seems unfamiliar and bizarre to many Americans.

Video of parts of the meeting can be seen below. Check the lapels of Pence, Secretary Wilbur Ross, and White House Chief of Staff Reince Preibus:

It is those massive shamrocks that everyone is talking about!

Getty Images

Getty Images

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Most of us would do a double-take if we encountered a dangling lapel plant like that on the street, though, after learning what it is, it tends to get the thumbs up from people.

On a more serious note, Kenny urged Trump to support Irish people who are living in the United States illegally. He says that these Irish immigrants just want to “make America great.” As you know, Trump is beefing up US immigration policy as a National Security effort. When asked if the two leaders discussed Trump’s Muslim Travel Ban, Kenny replied that they discussed in a “very constructive fashion the relationship between Ireland and the United States.”

Kenny also sought to inform Trump of the difficulties Ireland will face as a result of Brexit. Trump has been a vocal supporter of the British decision to leave the European Union. Kenny was also complimentary of Trump:

“Let me congratulate you, President Trump, on your election,” he said. “You beat them all.”

It is good to see Trump getting along, at least publicly, with a prominent world leader that clearly disagrees with him. European leaders, in general, are far more liberal than Trump. Being an outsider, Trump brings his unconventional ideas to D.C., and, unlike establishment politicians, he acts on them. Apparently, leaders in the US, and abroad, are going to need some time to adjust to Trump’s new way of doing business.

Hopefully, those shamrocks will all of us a bit of luck.

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